There are a wide selection of cannabis forms which can be used in different ways, including:

  • Budder – A gooey wax with a unique texture and consistency.
  • CBD Oil – THC and psychoactive cannabinoids are removed leaving only pure CBD behind.
  • Crumble Wax – Wax that is broken up or crumbled.
  • Dab – Concentrates such as shatter, wax, or resin or types of hash oil that require a dab or rig oil to smoke.
  • Distillate – A refined or distilled version of a cannabis extract.
  • Hash – Hard pressed kief or compressed resin made from the bud’s trichome.
  • Hashish – The sticky resin of the cannabis plant is sold in chunks or dried and pressed into balls or cakes.
  • Honey Butane Oil – Yellowish and glossy, it is the residue left behind after evaporating butane through a screen of marijuana and can be smoked in a pipe or vaporizer.
  • Honeycomb Wax – A lot like shatter, except when extracted it creates holes within the concentrate.
  • Kief – Basic THC concentrate that comes in a greenish/golden powder-like substance.
  • Live Resin – A sticky wax-like concentrate created from entire plants.
  • Powdered Leaves – Powder is used in edible cannabis products such as cookies, candies, and even ice creams.
  • Pull and Snap – Honey colored with a taffy-like consistency.
  • Rosin – A sticky substance made with the entire cannabis bud.
  • Shatter – Created through extraction, the substance is spread on a sheet and after it cools and dries, can be broken into shards.
  • THC Oil – Oil extracted from the cannabis plant.
  • Tincture – Made with glycerin and marijuana leaves, it can be drunk as is.
  • Traditional Leaves – Marijuana leaves, stems, and buds can be rolled into cigarettes and smoked or placed into water pipes and the vapors inhaled.
  • Wax – A waxy product of extraction that can be smoked.

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