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While you have a lot of choices in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area communities, Grass Roots offers a fresh, innovative, and unmatched selection of recreational and medicinal cannabis Our flower is something special. Vibrant color, a full spectrum of pungent aromas, full-bodied flavors, ideal textures, and a showcase of glistening crystals delights all the senses. One glance and a nice deep sniff evidence the maturity and freshness of quality bud.

Top-Quality Cannabis Flower

Seed Junky Genetics, Alien Labs, Seven Leaves, and Dime Bag are just a sample of more than 25 brands of premium flower represented at Grass Roots. Explore a variety of exciting, innovative, and popular strains, including Grand Daddy Cookies, Hindu Kush, THC Bomb, Grape Ape, and more. We’ve got indicas, sativas and hybrids, incredible potency, specials, and discounts, and we cover every effect.

Recreational & Medicinal Cannabis Flower

Are you looking to unwind at the end of the day? Planning to kick-start a physical activity, inspire creativity, enhance social interaction or treat a medical ailment by way of a natural remedy? For recreational or medicinal expectations, Grass Roots is where friends, neighbors, locals, visitors, connoisseurs, and newcomers to cannabis find the perfect flower. We fulfill your needs with a rewarding shopping experience, whether you’re browsing our shelves, selecting in-store pickup, or taking advantage of delivery.