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Grass Roots


Grass Roots is a favorite of the Richmond district. Located approximately a quick three miles away, you’ll find us at 1077 Post Street, San Francisco. If the casual yet urban vibe of the Inner and Outer Richmond neighborhoods appeals, you’re sure to love our relaxed, friendly, and informal setting. Shop with us for recreational and medicinal cannabis, appreciate the exceptional quality, and let us get to know you. 

Recreational & Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary in the Richmond District

We are a neighborhood-style shop. We inspire loyalty, recognize our regulars and personalize our services and recommendations. Our unpretentious atmosphere inspires comfort, exploration, and discovery. Our knowledgeable staff believes fully in the holistic properties of cannabis, knows our products, and has the best days when we can help someone catch on to the perfect consumption method, strain, or terpene. 

Inner & Outer Richmond District Marijuana Dispensary

Grass Roots offers online ordering, in-store pickup, and delivery across Inner and Outer Richmond. Whether you step inside our world of cannabis or navigate our website, we fulfill the expectations, needs, and highest standards of the most particular cannabis connoisseurs. The color, texture, pungent fragrance and fiery pistils of our flower, convenience of our pre-rolls, and innovation of our carts are certain to impress. Tasty edibles and tinctures, potent extracts, fun beverages, capsules, and all sorts of hardware and merch are waiting for you at Grass Roots.