Rewards FAQs

How do I sign-up?
Visit Grass Roots and speak to one of our friendly budtenders. Visit our website (you’re already here) and sign-up with your telephone #. Scan the QR code or text to join.

How does it work?
Sign-up for our rewards program. Earn 1 point for every $1 spent at Grass Roots. Check your wallet to see what rewards you can redeem. When you’re at the shop redeem your reward in front of a budtender.

I’m ordering online how do I redeem my points?
Send a text to our dispatch and we can adjust your points manually.

How can I check my points?
Click on the Link to wallet above.

Do my points expire?
If you have been inactive shopping at Grass Roots for more then 6 months (180days), your account will be considered abandoned. We will send you a text regarding the expiration of your points 10 days prior. To keep your account active make any purchase at Grass Roots regardless of the dollar amount and your points will remain active.

Why do I have to pay taxes in rewards?
California regulations on Cannabis products has multiple taxes, some of which based on the cost of the product and must be paid by the consumer and listed on the receipt.

Regulations also prevent us from offering any free cannabis products.

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