Pure Xtracts PRESERVE – Grass Roots

Grass Roots


P2’s newest creation! 

Rediscover the strains you love with Preserve, a new cartridge featuring single-origin, perfectly cured, 100% cannabis oil and cannabis-derived terpenes.

Single Origin
Fans of purity, precision, and potency have a new way to explore their favorite strains; our single-origin Cured Cannabis Cartridges™ provide premium flower experiences unparalleled by any other oil on the market.

Cannabis’ effects come from the relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes. We focus on preserving each strain’s complete terpene profile to deliver a superior, true-to flower experience

Cured Cannabis Cartridge ™
With Preserve, we are taking a different approach, allowing our cannabis to cure—unlike live resin products—so our terpenes can fully express themselves before we extract with precision. That’s how we get that true-to-flower flavor and experience.

Pure Cannabis. No Fillers.
No non-cannabis botanicals, fillers, or solvents. All terpenes are derived directly from cannabis and purified for a pure, complete profile without any contaminants.

All of the following strain options are available in .5G and 1G cartridges.

~Orange Sunshine
~Pink Lemonade
~Gorilla Glue

~Super Glue

~Ghost OG
~Grape Chu
~Mendo Cookies
~Purple Punch